Our TriboMeter maps the available traction in an entire network and provides real-time data. Using this data, braking-, acceleration- and energy schemes are optimized.


The LaserTrain uses high-intensity lasers to remove the slippery top layer from the tracks. By removing this layer the level of friction can be kept in the optimal state year round.

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Our LaserTrain (LT) is the solution to slippery railway tracks, solving a problem that has been around since the introduction of the train in the early 1800s. Falling autumn leaves, rust, oil and rubbish create a slippery layer on railway tracks decreasing the friction force between the train wheel and railway track.

The LT uses high-intensity lasers to remove the slippery top layer from the tracks. By removing this layer, the level of friction can be kept in the optimal state year-round. The optimal friction level has several benefits:

Reduction of flat spots by preventing wheel slide;
Significant decrease in energy usage (8-12%) when preventing wheel slip;
Reduction of delays (average 30 sec. gain per stop) by improved acceleration;
Increase in safety (100% less SPAD due to slipperiness) by improved braking.

In 2019 trial on the Long Island Rail Road in New York:

  • 17% reduction in low adhesion in entire network
  • 65% extra reduction on specific LaserTrain branches (24 hours)
  • +2.0% punctuality
  • - 65% late trains by weather
  • - 32% short trains
  • - 48% cancelations
    Download our LaserTrain brochure.


Our TriboMeter (TBM) provides real-time data on the friction between train and track, the so-called friction coefficient µ. Up until the TBM there was no way of measuring the slipperiness in real-time, making it hard for train drivers to adapt their driving to suit the circumstances. Like driving cars on ice, a lot of energy can be wasted by applying too much power in slippery conditions. This does not only lead to lower acceleration or braking from wheel slip, but also increases the wear-and-tear significantly.

Our TBM can be attached to the train bogie and provides real-time measurements of adhesion conditions. The TBM is certified for any type of train and with just a few vehicles equipped with TBMs, the following benefits can be achieved:

Measuring the traction between rail and track in real-time;

Mapping the traction of an entire rail network;

√ Improving braking and acceleration schemes;

Minimum of 3% reduction in energy consumption.


Download our TriboMeter brochure.

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