Dealing with leaves disrupting your rail service? Look no further. Our laser cleaning solution offers non-abrasive and precise cleaning to prevent rail slippage and maintain railway tracks and infrastructure.  

Slip Away From Your Safety Issues

LaserTrain applies the focused intense energy of laser beams (laser ablation) to remove contaminants, debris, rust, and other unwanted materials from the surface of the rails. This precision reduces the risk of over-cleaning or unnecessary wear ensuring optimal performance, safety, and longevity of the rail systems.  Enhancing rail grip reduces the risk of accidents, especially in adverse weather conditions.



Optimal braking and acceleration, detectable trains and SPAD


Reduction in flat spots and damaged track


Fewer cars removed from service; and speed restrictions lifted


Reduced delays and
cancellations for passengers


Low energy consumption


Trains operate to schedule due to optimal braking and acceleration

Key Features

Autonomous Control System with Safety Enhancement

LaserTrain’s controls are automated for efficient and consistent cleaning across railway networks. Geographic Information system (GIS) data allows it to seamlessly transition between operational Modes and avoid obstacles. Speed-controlled laser shut-off at low speeds reduces the risk of over-cleaning or causing wear.

Accurate Clean

Our LaserTrain technology removes contaminants from the railhead without causing any surface damage. One train pass-over can reduce rail slip risks for up to 24 hours. By removing contamination build-up, LaserTrain contributes to reduced rail wheel maintenance associated with wheel flat spots and blocks, extending the rail wheel performance.

Remote Operations

LaserTrain technology provides a non-contact method that requires no physical abrasion. Remote operations reduce the need for personnel to be in close proximity to the tracks during cleaning, eradicating exposure to harmful chemicals and enhancing safety for workers.

Our Customer Dashboard keeps track of the LaserTrain performance. Access information such as the live position of the train, where the train has been, slip slide results and miles cleaned.

Sustainable Rail Solution

Our high-powered lasers deliver robust performance while utilizing low energy consumption. LaserTrain uses an eco-friendly cleaning technique that generates minimal waste and does not involve the use of chemicals or abrasive materials, making it an environmentally friendly option.

System Overview

Most of the components that make up the LaserTrain technology sit in one of two main segments. the ‘LaserTrain Equipment (LTE)’ which is found in the container or car above the wagon, and the ‘LaserTrain Contraption (LTC)’ which is attached to the truck, between the wheels.

Tailored Solutions

Customised Cleaning Speeds

A selection of cleaning speeds offers operators the flexibility to adapt to individual cleaning requirements, ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in operations.  Whether your network demands more coverage or a lighter touch, the LaserTrain ensures optimal results without compromising track integrity.

Choose from maximum operational speeds of: 20 mph (33 kph), 40 mph (65 kph), and 60mph (100kph)  

Versatile Installation

Each rail network is unique and our LaserTrain is designed to reflect that. You can choose to integrate the technology into existing train cars or install it as a modular container with bogie attachment. Either way, LaserTrain is efficiently pulled by locomotives, providing effective track cleaning solutions. Choose the model that suits your requirements.   

This is the standard LaserTrain model which sees the laser technology built into a 20ft container with ¾ height, keeping in line with global loading gauge guidelines.
Repurpose old or unused passenger cars by turning them into LaserTrain’s with our passenger model. Select the 'Retro-Fit' option to explore a bespoke LaserTrain for alternative passenger cars/trucks.
Our Subway-Specific design is tailored specifically for the environment of subway rails. Select the 'Bespoke' option to explore LaserTrain creation for country specific subway cars/trucks. 

To ensure compatibility and seamless Integration with existing systems or equipment already in place, the correct truck (bogey) per model needs to be used to ensure they can operate smoothly:

All LaserTrain models adhere to the following regulatory compliance standards: 
• Safety of laser products - Part 1: Equipment classification and requirements (IEC 60825-1:2014) 
• Railway applications - Rolling stock equipment -Shock and vibration tests (IEC 61373:2010,IDT)   

All LaserTrain's require to be installed and tested on a live track prior to operation. A minimum of two weeks is required for installation, with pit/raised floor access being necessary, and one week is needed for post install system testing, which includes doing runs on the live track at speed capacity.

Maintenance and Support

Clients have diverse needs. By providing a tiered system for service and support we can ensure a package that aligns with each rail operator's specific requirements and financial capabilities.  

Maintenance training is provided by LPS staff to ensure the LaserTrain operates effectively and safely. Continuous Remote Monitoring guarantees that  LPS Staff have eyes on the LaserTrain during shifts.

Flexible Contracts

Procure the LaserTrain in a way that suits your rail network's goals. Whether it's an outright purchase or a lease contract, we've got you covered.  Pricing is based on individual requests, considering design variations and contract specifications. Contact us to explore the best contract option that aligns with your rail network's needs.

Explore our work for real life examples and use cases of our LaserTrain models, and their operational effectiveness.

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