with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology


with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology


with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology

Slip away from your safety issues

Autumn can be a dangerous time for trains. When fallen leaves from nearby trees are crushed into the rails they form an oily film that makes train wheels lose their grip.

Rail traffic is interrupted as low Coefficient of Friction (COF) levels stop trains from accelerating and braking normally, leading to severe delays and accidents. Train wheels slip and block more easily, creating flat spots on wheels that result in high maintenance bills.

LPS products help rail networks detect and improve the COF levels of a slip-slide environment and minimize the impacts of weather events. Keeping leaves off the line and trains running on time.

High Performance

Eliminate slippery conditions for 24 hours after one train pass. Optimal C.O.F driving performance.

Cost Saving

Our technology has the lowest long-term running costs, reducing autumn related maintenance costs, and is easy-to-operate, so there’s no need to hire any extra hands.


We are the most sustainable rail cleaning option in the market with the lowest CO2 running emissions, pure energy and no by-products.

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We are LPS, a laser technology scale-up based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have been creating safe and reliable rail cleaning solutions since 2016.

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