with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology


with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology


with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology

Wave goodbye to delays

Leaves on the line are the greatest threat to train line performance. Every autumn, tonnes of leaves fall on railway lines. When they’re crushed, a dangerous oily layer forms that causes trains to lose grip. Drivers can’t effectively and safely accelerate and brake, meaning severe delays, unsafe journeys and high maintenance costs.

Our LaserTrain eliminates this threat by deep cleaning railheads at high speeds, optimising driving friction and ensuring drivers always have safe braking and stopping distances.

Slip away from your safety issues.

High Performance

Leave no trace of rust, oil and waste. Eliminate slippery conditions for 24 hours after one train pass. Optimal C.O.F driving performance.

Cost Saving

Laser your expensive maintenance bills off the tracks. Our technology has the lowest long-term running costs, reducing autumn related maintenance costs, and is easy-to-operate, so there’s no need to hire any extra hands.


Keeping sustainability efforts on track. We are the most sustainable rail cleaning option in the market with the lowest CO2 running emissions, pure energy and no by-products.

Our Clients

“Having these LaserTrains in our toolbox is a game-changer”

Keeping innovation on track

We are LPS, a laser technology scale-up based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have been creating safe and reliable rail cleaning solutions since 2016.

We’re on the same wavelength

We’re always looking for new opportunities and we can keep journeys on track all around the world.