with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology


with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology


with high-speed rail cleaning laser technology

Revolutionizing Railhead Cleaning

At Laser Precision Solutions (LPS) we're on a mission to tackle leaf contamination challenges posed by the Autumn leaf problem. Our solutions help railway operators identify and enhance Coefficient of Friction (COF) levels within slippery conditions and reduce the effects of weather-related incidents.  

As innovators in rail cleaning solutions, we're committed to enhancing rail safety, efficiency, and reliability for rail operators across the globe. We’ve engineered LaserTrain, an advanced high-speed laser technology solution that tackles poor adhesion to transform railway maintenance, and our Track Contamination Detector (TCD) provides real-time estimates of railhead contamination and insights into the performance of the wheel-rail system. Rail operators can use this to optimize rail cleaning technology for maximum efficiency and is currently undergoing field testing in the US.

Fallen Leaves, Slippery Rail

Slippage on the line is a persistent challenge that plagues railway operations, leading to issues that extend far beyond delayed schedules.  Crushed leaves on the track become a treacherous slippery layer of contamination that leads to a reduced COF and higher wheel slide events. The compromised rail adhesion affects a train drivers' ability to accelerate, and stopping and braking distances, leading to train delays and accidents affecting operational efficiency and passenger safety. Train wheels block more easily, creating flat spots that result in high maintenance bills.  

LaserTrain employs laser ablation technology to swiftly and effectively clean railheads. High-intensity lasers are directed at the railhead to effectively eliminate leaves, debris, rust, and oil residue from the surface, delivering COF improvement for up to 24 hours with just one train pass. The result: reduced slip-slide events, improved rail friction, and safe rail travel.

Why Choose Laser Technology?

Operational Efficiency

Laser cleaning benefits include faster and more efficient railhead decontamination than manual cleaning methods. It covers larger areas in less time, reducing downtime for rail maintenance and minimizing disruptions to network operations. LaserTrain can be operated remotely, removing the need for workers to be in close proximity to the tracks during cleaning.

Cost Effective

LaserTrain's initial investment is offset by significantly lower running costs than traditional methods. Its comparable cleaning performance with far fewer units results in a substantial reduction in operating costs over time. With most costs fixed up front, the total cost per mile decreases as more miles are cleaned, maximising cost efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Our technology produces no harmful by-products or emissions, has low energy consumption, and emits minimal CO2. It’s repeatable and non-damaging to the rail, making it a sustainable rail cleaning option for railroads.

Safety First

LaserTrain enhances braking distances, minimizing accidents and preventing slip incidents with improved rail traction. Safer railway operations mean passengers and rail staff can travel with peace of mind.  In addition it reduces wheel wear and wheel blocking, increasing rail wheel longevity and lowering rail wheel repairs and maintenance costs.

Technological Advancements

We stay on top of laser technology advancements to make sure our solutions stay efficient, powerful, and adaptable for our clients. New product innovations are always being developed to address specific challenges in railway track maintenance, such as increasing cleaning speeds to 60mph!

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