The LPS Track Contamination Detector (TCD) can be installed on any train truck to monitor demanding areas around the clock. It is a non-invasive, non-contact solution that is easy to install, with no adjustment to the track or track circuit modifications needed.


Full Network Coverage

Rail contamination is assessed as the train travels through the network.

Targeted Cleaning

When a section is not optimal, a treatment can be sent for cleaning. Making treatments efficient and effective. 

Post Clean Evaluation

After cleaning, it can be used to check how well the section was treated by that specific solution.

Keeping Journeys On Track

The TCD is created by mounting a detection loop to at least one truck/bogie of any train, this can then measure the shunting resistance of the wheel-rail system.  Each section of track with a track circuit acts as a sensor to indicate the level of contaminants on the rail.

The main core of this technology is an 'active loop' which consists of a high-frequency coil enclosed in a non-conductive pipe, placed in between the two wheelsets. This active loop acts as a sensor which can detect the state of the passive loop that is formed by the two wheelsets and the rail in between them.

Contamination levels are calculated by measuring the voltage across the high-frequency coil.  Providing a top level, real-time estimate of the rail contamination and insight into the shunting performance of a wheel-rail system.

TCD allows us to create a heatmap with insights into problematic network areas that rail operators can use to tailor cleaning operations to maximise efficiency of LPS LaserTrain and other treatments.

This product is at stage Technology Ready Level 6-7. The functionality of the TCD has passed testing in the LPS workshop and is currently undergoing field testing in the US.

Track Contamination Detectors are easy to install and long lasting, ensuring insights for years to come. Please contact us for more details. 

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