Network Rail Limited is the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the railway network in the United Kingdom. Network Rail's main customers are the private train operating companies (TOCs), responsible for passenger transport, and freight operating companies (FOCs), who provide train services on the infrastructure that the company owns and maintains.

Gaining Traction

This Autumn, we participated in Network Rail’s ‘Future Technologies’ trial on East Lancashire Railway’s heritage railway line. Our goal was to showcase the LaserTrain's fastest running speed: 60mph (100kph), with a cleaning width of 45mm per track. The LaserTrain was installed onto a separate wagon, with the LaserTrain Equipment built into a 20ft, half height container, powered by a generator or locomotive.

Speeding improvements

Over the course of three weeks, real and simulated contaminations were tested on the railhead. Friction levels on a contaminated piece of track were measured with a hand Tribometer, the LaserTrain would then pass over the rail, and then friction levels were measured with the hand Tribometer again. This process was repeated multiple times at varying speeds up to 60mph across several weeks.


The LaserTrain achieved cleans at various speeds ranging from 2mph to 60mph during testing.  Tribometer results to follow. Watch this space!

We’re on the same wavelength

We’re always looking for new opportunities and we can keep journeys on track all around the world.