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The LaserTrain uses high-intensity lasers to remove the slippery top layer from the tracks. By removing this layer the level of friction can be kept in the optimal state year round.


Our TriboMeter maps the available traction in an entire network and provides real-time data. Using this data, braking-, acceleration- and energy schemes are optimized.


Laser Precision Solutions (LPS) applies laser technology within the field of railway infrastructure with the goal to solve the ‘slippery track problem’: Falling autumn leaves, rust, oil and rubbish create a slippery layer on railway tracks, decreasing the friction force between the train wheel and railway track. Why lasers? The laser industry is rapidly evolving and state-of-the-art lasers are accurate enough to be used in eye surgery and powerful enough to be used in heavy industrial cleaning, an ideal combination for solving the slippery track problem.

At LPS we use lasers to measure and map the slipperiness of the railway tracks with our Tribometer and for cleaning them with our LaserTrain. Together our products identify the areas where slippery tracks are problematic and bring these areas back into the optimal state. This gets rid of the safety issues, punctuality concerns and extra maintenance that previously resulted from the slippery track problem. Using lasers, this is done in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner.

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