The LPS Tribometer is a modern update to the traditional hand tribometer. It employs moving trains to provide accurate readings of COF levels on the rail in real-time and is available to fix on any train that allows certified test equipment to be mounted.


Full Network Coverage

Each train in the network can be a sensor to show what condition the rail is in with each passing train.

Targeted Cleaning

When a section is not optimal, a treatment can be sent for cleaning. Making treatments efficient and effective. 

Post Clean Evaluation

After cleaning, it can be used to check how well the section was treated by that specific solution.

Leave no trace of rust, oil and waste

Originally designed for Network Rail, the LPS Tribometer can be mounted on to any train to provide real-time measurements of COF levels on the rail head. The device measures wheel slip during (de)acceleration, covering COF over a range of 0.01-0.50.

The Tribometer allows us to create a heatmap with insights into key problem areas. This enables networks to analyse friction loss data to detect low adhesion at any location and confirm with ease if rails have been cleaned successfully.

This product is at prototype stage TRL 6-7. Two models are offered depending on the availability of equipment and level of accuracy and scale required. Contact us for more details.  

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