The Tribometer is a device that can be mounted on to any train. It provides real-time measurements of COF levels of the track by measuring wheel slip during (de)acceleration. This allows networks to see where contamination exists and the exact level of friction loss at each location.


Full Network Coverage

Each train in the network can be a sensor to show what condition the rail is in with each passing train.

Targeted Cleaning

When a section is not optimal, a treatment can be sent for cleaning. Making treatments efficient and effective. 

Post Clean Evaluation

After cleaning, it can be used to check how well the section was treated by that specific solution.

How it works

The Tribometer allows us to create a heatmap with insights into key problem areas. Rail operators can use this to tailor cleaning operations to maximise efficiency of The LaserTrain and other treatments.

This product is at prototype stage. Two models are available depending on the level of accuracy and scale required.

Please contact us for more details.  

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