Our tribometer measures traction levels for trains, and our LaserTrain can be directed to any slippery area, together we offer a full-circle solution to combat slipperiness on your railway


The LaserTrain is the solution to slipperiness (low COF) on the rail.

  • In 2018 our LaserTrain was first prototyped successfully with MTA LIRR in New York
  • Our current fleet exists of two 25-mph LaserTrains that operate 18 hours a day each
  • In 2021 we will launch our first 60 mph LaserTrain as a fully standalone wagon, that can be hooked up to locomotive or freight train
  • The LaserTrain requires fuel as only input and has a range of 6.000km, which can easily be extended
  • No need for trained operators, the system is fully autonomous
  • The LaserTrain can be purchased with three different maintenance packs: from helping your company to full service
  • Lease options can be discussed


  • Our Tribometer detects the available traction on the railhead (Coefficient of friction)
  • It can be installed on any train
  • Our prototype is expected to hit the track in 2022