After a successful cleaning season in 2019, the LIRR has committed to a five-year lease of two LaserTrains, enough to cover 2/3rd of their network on a daily basis. 

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Since he became President of MTA the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), Philip Eng has been a huge advocate for the LaserTrain. In 2018 he approved trialling of the first prototype LaserTrain on the LIRR network. In 2019 he upgraded the prototype to a full on 25 mph LaserTrain, a speed high enough to fit in with their 24/7 operation. Due to the success in 2019, the LIRR signed a five-year lease for two LaserTrains. Each LaserTrain will clean at a speed of 25 mph and up to 18 hours per day and combined they clean around 2/3rd of the network on a daily basis. 

In 2019, just one LaserTrain running 12 hours per day had a significant impact on LIRR’s network. Low adhesion in the entire network was reduced by 17.4%. Looking more closely at the branches cleaned by the LaserTrain, they saw an extra reduction in low adhesion events of 53 to 65%. All this while managing an uptime percentage of 99%. LIRR saw a drop in train shortening and fleet out-of-service, while also attaining a staggering increase of punctuality by 2.0%.

The initial train has received minor upgrades and we at LPS are proud to have two state-of-the-art LaserTrains cleaning the rail for LIRR. We are happy to continue our great relationship with LIRR and thank them for their trust. We strive to improve our system and deliver even better results to LIRR every year.

Figure 2: The new bogie-mounted laser-end of our LaserTrain