LPS has the Tribo which measures the coefficient of friction (COF) of the railroad. The LaserTrain is the solution to slipperiness (low COF) on the rail.


The LaserTrain uses High Power Pulse Lasers to vaporize the contamination such as leaf, oil, oxidation and pollutants off the track.
This process is know as Pulsed Laser Ablation and is used across many industries to remove a layer from a substrate. By finetuning the laser pulse, the system removes the contamination layer in one pass. Leaving a clean dry rail, as if it just came out of the factory.

The LaserTrain operates automatically, it uses high accuracy and speed GPS and reckoning system to determine were it is and if that area is to be cleaned. No operator required! This has a benefit that a LaserTrain can clean multiple shifts per day, leaving a bit of time per day for inspection and fuelling. The energy efficiency of the laser ablation process is 5x that of the highest performing waterjet trains. Giving it a range of 5000 miles between each fuelling session.

Each part of the system is mechanically safe, by adhering to the IEC 61373 shock and vibe standard and surpassing it in most cases. Most notably is the laser safety of this system. The IEC 60825 dictates a maximum permissible emission of laser light of 5mW/cm^2. The LaserTrain emits less than 1% of this limit at the safety distance for rail-road workers.

Results from extensively testing the LaserTrain System

2018 Optimal Traction in one laser pass (ยต > 0.35)

2018 Target speed 9mph, achieved 12 mph.



Intro Tribometer

Tribosensor indicated in green

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